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Managers Surveys 2020-2024

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ESG Ahead

In 2024 new regulations regarding ESG are coming into effect in Switzerland and the European Union impacting firms. ESG activities encompass measures and strategies that companies implement to promote and integrate environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

In April and May 2024, the fifth Swiss Managers Survey was conducted to gather insights from Swiss companies on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues. The study shows that Swiss firms face key challenges in complying with ESG reporting standards.

A detailed overview of the results is now available.

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Competitiveness and Uncertainty

In today's global business environment, geopolitical tensions and uncertain business environments are becoming increasingly common. Not only the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but also the increasing tensions between China and the USA clearly show that internationally active companies are facing major challenges.

The Swiss Managers Survey 2023 aims to find out how Swiss companies are adapting to these challenges and what strategies they are using to remain competitive.

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Competitiveness of Swiss Firms, and Implications of the Ukraine-Russia War

The third edition of the ZHAW Managers Survey deals with the impact of the Ukraine war on Swiss companies. The Corona pandemic has particularly affected the Swiss service sector, which is slowly recovering. On the other hand, the war in Ukraine is now having a stronger impact on the manufacturing industry in Switzerland. The industry is not only hit harder by the sanctions against Russia, but would also be more affected by a supply stop of Russian energy sources, also because almost one third of all Swiss companies were insufficiently prepared for a supply stop in May. This is surprising because the managers surveyed believed on average that the war in Ukraine would last for more than a year and a half.

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COVID-19, Digital Leadership, and Corporate Responsibility

In the second year of the Corona pandemic, the digitalisation push has taken hold of all companies. Home office is widespread and used even more than in the previous year. However, in many places, this leads to a decline in leadership quality. Only companies that invested heavily in digital communication with their employees can resist this negative effect. The measures against the pandemia lead to less commitment in the area of corporate responsibility.

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ZHAW Managers Survey 2020

Swiss Companies in the COVID-19 Crisis

The first edition of the ZHAW Managers Survey investigated the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Swiss companies and thus contributed to a better understanding of the crisis. In general, it is expected that most companies will manage the crisis rather well, but it is nevertheless expected that at the peak of the COVID-19 crisis more than 12% of the companies will be fighting for their survival. One main reason for this is the sharp drop in demand, especially from abroad.

Our study shows that there is a major push towards digitalization. More than 80% of companies responded to the crisis by offering home office to their employees and more than 20% of Swiss companies are increasingly focusing on digitization issues (digital production, marketing, e-commerce, etc.).

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