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Press release

23.05.2023 / Swiss Managers Survey 2023

Is Swiss competitiveness becoming a problem?

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In the media

24.05.2023  /  TAGES ANZEIGER

Many companies still have supply chain issues


Risks for Swiss competitiveness

23.05.2023  /  TREND.AT

Supply chains cause problems for Swiss industrial companies

23.05.2023  /  NAU.CH

Supply chains still cause problems for many industrial companies

02.11.2021  /  SRF TAGESSCHAU

Only 20 percent of Covid loans repaid

10.2021  /  COMPETENCE

Leap into a digital and sustainable future

10.2020  /  COMPETENCE

COVID-19 as a digitalization driver

15.06.2020  /  ÖKONOMENSTIMME

Swiss companies in the Corona crisis - Enduring instead of adapting

06.05.2020  /  20MIN.CH

1.8 million Swiss want to continue working at home after the crisis

23.04.2020  /  HANDELSZEITUNG

Lockdown crisis: Which industries have which cushion?

Academic Publications

31.03.2022  /  Sustainability, Volume 14, Issue 7

Changes in Corporate Responsibility Management during COVID-19 Crisis and Their Effects on Business Resilience: An Empirical Study of Swiss and German Companies

Fridolin Simon Brand, Richard Bläse, Giulia Weber and Herbert Winistörfer

25.05.2021  /  The College of Business, International Business Blog of the University of Nevada, Reno

The Great Digital Leap: A Success Story

Benedikt Zoller-Rydzek

06.12.2020  /  CESifo Economic Studies, Volume 66, Issue 4

COVID-19: guaranteed Loans and Zombie Firms

Benedikt Zoller-Rydzek, Florian Keller

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