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Taking the Pulse of the Swiss Economy

Who we are

The Swiss Managers Survey (SMS) is an annual study that takes the pulse of Swiss companies. It examines the current trends and challenges Swiss companies are facing and attempts to provide answers to burning questions.

Four Universities of Applied Sciences from all parts of Switzerland join forces to achieve this goal.

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The answers of our Alumni of the
EMBA, MBA and MAS Business Administration programs grant a direct insight into companies.
The most up-to-date scientific methods lead to reliable results.
Our results are taken up by decision-makers in politics and business.
Latest Issue
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Competitiveness and Uncertainty

In today's global business environment, geopolitical tensions and uncertain business environments are becoming increasingly common. Not only the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but also the increasing tensions between China and the USA clearly show that internationally active companies are facing major challenges.

The Swiss Managers Survey 2023 aims to find out how Swiss companies are adapting to these challenges and what strategies they are using to remain competitive.

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